BAMF: A taco paradise – Hipsters please bathe

It’s been quite the quest figuring out my discourse community. “Bay Area Mexican Food Blog” was what I threw at Google and I was on the first page, because I guess this is the only explicit BAMF blog. Down the page on the new one I found a few blogs of bay area locals who are also enthusiastic about Mexican food. I tried to consider how well they matched the six characteristics of convoluted academia that is Swale’s discourse swag, but the issue was too obvious for that. Anyone who lives in the Bay and has blogged their love of our local, proud and authentic taqueria’s and taco truck’s products is welcome to join the taco blogging commune. One obvious example of a broad community about BAMF would be any BAMF provider’s page on Yelp, but as I briefly expressed at the end of my previous post, I’m not down with Yelp like that. See, Yelp has its own discourse, a discourse of cynical bastards. The problem I have with Yelp is the inaccuracy of the ratings due to certain demographics.

Hipster or Homeless?

hipster or homeless?

A dominant example is the hipster “Yelper” who thinks we give a shit about their “nuanced” opinion, while they go about nit picking at perfectly decent eating establishments. They find a restaurant with a decent rating and go find one thing they didn’t find perfect and rate it one star to be cool since they don’t agree with everyone’s opinion. Alright dude, go drink some PBR and be ironic somewhere else then, running a restaurant ain’t a walk in Delores park. Honestly, I appreciate the hardcore hipsterism we harbor in certain Bay Area areas for what it is. I’ve gotten used to seeing their kind in the East Bay, the city, even here at SFSU. Now a days you’ll find them anywhere where Tumblr isn’t censored, whatever dive bar ridden area Hipsters congregate at after wheatpasting up their political slogan street art, it’s alright with me. Hipster types have always existed in society— we need slacker bohemians who push their alternative creative movements along and swim against the current in the mainstream. It’s all gravy, but let’s realized this, these smug bastards put in hella effort just for their oh so ironic, inefficient and irrationally suave coolness, but smelling bad is not cool in 2013. They act like their so damn creative and unique when most hipsters I known have locked themselves at a level of subpar intelligence, they critique other peoples creative work instead of doing their own, they are only original outside their community of hipsters, in which they constantly stick to trends and ideals that aren’t “mainstream”, whatever. I suggest we have Anthony Bourdain pimp slap them after we scrub their brains with a thorough bath of mind detergent. That’s just my opinion and it doesn’t matter, because I don’t fully understand hipsterism and they don’t even understand themselves. Now back to your regular programming, the second demographic that distorts Yelp is that person who vacuumed one too many a blunt into their face before they ate and threw up that five star rating. We get it, marijuaner makes shitty food taste better, we’ve all been there, just don’t go giving 5 stars to every taco bell you munch at cause Taco Bell is worse than cat food. On top of that restaurants can pay for fake reviews and bribe Yelp to hide their negative reviews. Their still better then that grumpy ass hole hating and ranting about their opinions, but oh wait I guess that’s me right now shit.

oh yea baby

that real mexican taco

Anyway I found two other blogs that fit into my discourse community. The first one, the EBXSF blog is pretty tight, mostly because they have some sexy cross section of burritos. It appears to be a blog from some burrito delivery service in the Sunset district, which I must admit isn’t a bad idea. Being in the city I assume the deliver the burritos via enslaved “Bike Messenger” hipster types. They clearly love BAMF if they themselves make it and deliver it. Their “El Norcal” Burrito with French fries looks like some greasy goodness, just like the Philippino fusion French fry burrito I ate before I choose my blog topic. El Burrito blog also blogs about SF events likes Outside Lands, which I almost got tazed sneaking into a few years back. Overall their restaurant promotion blog is a nice touch. This next one is the Flaming Bike blog, a female blogger named Ginger Jui from Oakland who has a single entry about a stomach flu ridden trip through Mexico, with a major focus on the food. Something I would myself want to do minus the food sickness. I enjoy how she has a part of the story in well written text; with the rest explain in pictures. They say pictures worth a thousand words so hers add about 14,000 to the story. I believe her inspiration to travel through Mexico and sample authentic Mexican food was likely caused by a love of BAMF so her blog is included in my small discourse community. Other then that her blog seems to mostly be about her adventures around the bay area on her old school mountain bike. She is pretty much your average Oakland bike hipster attendee at the East Bay Bike Party, a massive congregation of bikers who assemble somewhere in the East Bay the first Friday of every month. I used to regularly attend until that time I got lost in the middle of nowhere between Fremont and San Jose at 2 am. Everyone was not a fan of our BMX bike showboating and obnoxious cassettes. Her blog is still interesting and relate able, I like mountain biking too so I enjoyed finding out where she’s been. Their seems to be no getting away from hipsters in the bay area, but they definitely seem to be fans of BAMF for various reasons, and I am a fan of BAMF so maybe that makes them hipsters just a little less worthless. Just a little.

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Taste the spicy culture of Bay Area Mexican Food through these meaty blog posts. That about wraps it up. Sorry if this bio is a lil cheesy. Puns hella intended. I do it for Freshmen English but mostly for Sabbath. Some data for potential stalkers: Living in the East Bay, I BART to SFSU. I enjoy traveling, art, and music in various forms plus a lot of other shit. Currently working toward a BS in Civil Engineering.

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